We are excited to introduce SilverCloud


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What is it?

SilverCloud is free online programme for people aged 16 and over to improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

How SilverCloud works

SilverCloud offers online modules which aim to help you learn how to think and feel better. These are based on proven methods, and are aimed at helping to ease stress levels, improve sleep, and build resilience or mindfulness skills.

All information entered is anonymous, confidential and secure. You can access your online account any time, from any device, for up to a year.


Why Silvercloud?

Our easy-to-use programs and tools are designed to help whenever and wherever you need it, on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

For instant access to self-help support please click below:

Cygnus Support offers a supported version which includes modules for low mood and anxiety, your progress is reviewed by a counsellor who will give you feedback and support. To find out more about our supported version please contact us via email at: admin@cygnussupport.com or call 08081 963933

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