Bereavement Support


Here at Cygnus Support, Your Loss Matters.


Understanding Bereavement

Bereavement is a massive emotional trauma often resulting from the death of a loved one. When you grieve, it's part of the normal process of reacting to a loss. You may experience grief as a mental, physical, social or emotional reaction. Mental reactions can include anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness and despair. Physical reactions can include sleeping problems, changes in appetite, physical problems or illness.

There is no fixed amount of time a person is expected to grieve for, it can be as little or as long as they need. Sometimes support may be needed for someone who is struggling to come to terms with a bereavement and counselling may be needed as a result.


Bereavement Support

Our dedicated Bereavement Support Counsellors, Stuart and Claire, provide client-focused counselling to those who are experiencing a decline in their mental health due to a bereavement.

The Bereavement Support Service offers space for people to talk about their thoughts and feelings and develop coping strategies that help them in recovering and adjusting to life after a bereavement. The service also aims to provide general information and support relating to bereavement with the intention of encouraging more open discussion of the topic within the community.

The main delivery of support is in the form of 1-1 counselling sessions which can be conducted either Face-to-Face or via phone or video call. Other services include group sessions and the production of resources that can be distributed for lower level support and education relating to grief and bereavement.

Our office is based in Ashington but our services are delivered throughout the County. Any resident in Northumberland whose mental health and wellbeing is primarily impacted by a bereavement may use this service.


External Links

Mind have put together a list of Bereavement Support groups which can be found below: