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What Is Be You?

Click below to watch Amanda's short video for a quick overview of what Cygnus has to offer as part of the Be You Programme.


About Be You

Northumberland has been chosen by The Department of Education and NHS England to receive Trailblazer funding to help improve children’s and young people’s health through Be You programme’s range of services. Support is delivered by teams working together in schools, health and social care, and the voluntary sector.

Cygnus Support is one of the voluntary sector partners in the Be You Northumberland programme. Amanda Sayers is the Coordinator here at Cygnus who works together with parents and carers of children and young people offering a choice of emotional health and wellbeing support.

Amanda is supporting parents and carers to help them manage their own wellbeing whilst also empowering and upskilling them to support the emotional wellbeing of their children. Cygnus’ approach is centred around each person’s need and can offer a number of different ways to help. This could include one-to-one support, peer groups and workshops or providing practical resources to help parents build a toolkit, which they feel confident using both for themselves and their children. Cygnus can also help by signposting people to other services so that parents and carers are getting the most appropriate help and support. This could be any of the other services or teams within Cygnus, the Be You partners, other services in Northumberland or any other national services that could help.

Please note that the Be You Programme is NOT a service for Young People, it is a service for adult parents, carers or guardians. If any young people require direct support themselves, please visit the Kooth website linked below.

Cygnus’ services fit in with the ‘coping’ part of the Thrive Model as shown below. This model is used by commissioners as a way forward for delivering children and young people’s emotional health needs.

Be You Thrive Model


Get In Touch

So far in Northumberland trailblazers has been piloted in the Blyth and Hexham area and from February 2022 is being implemented in Ashington and Bedlington as part of the Be You programme’s wave 3 roll out. You can find out more about Be You Northumberland and access a range of helpful resources through the Be You Padlet.

If you, as a parent or carer, feel like you or your family are struggling emotionally and could do with some help, please reach out as a first step and contact us, by telephoning or texting Amanda at Cygnus on 07377 265036. You can email Amanda at Alternatively, you can complete the contact form below.

Please make sure to state ‘Be You’ in the message so that it is delivered to the right person.


To read more about the different Be You support teams and the help they can offer children and their families, click the link below to visit the Be You Website.


Similar Services

Kooth is an online support site commissioned by the NHS, Local Authorities, charities and businesses to provide anonymous and personalised mental health support for Children and Young People. It was launched in the county in 2020 and today they have over 4000 logins per day. They provide end to end support whatever the need and aim to help people feel safe and confident in exploring their concerns and seeking professional support.

Kooth aims to create a welcoming space for effective personalised digital mental health care - they provide support through a variety of ways including counselling and mini activity hubs.

Support can be accessed 24/7 and no referral is needed.

Click the button below to visit their website for more information.


Qwell launched in April 2022 and provides free online mental health support to adults in Northumberland thanks to the NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Kooth PLC.

The partnership aims to ensure that every adult, young person and child over the age of 11 now has access to safe digital support outside of the normal 9-5 working day.

Support is completely free, anonymous and no referrals are needed from a health professional. There are no thresholds or criteria to meet to qualify for support.

Click the button below to visit their website for more information: