World Autism Acceptance Week 2022

28 March 2022
Today is the start of World Autism Acceptance Week; we wanted to talk about sensory perception, sensory overloads and stimulation.
Sensory perception begins when something in the real world stimulates our sense organs.
It can occur in crowded restaurants, from having the radio/TV too loud or from strong perfume.
Sensory overload happens when the information from at least one of the five senses overwhelms the brain's ability to process it. Reactions include extreme irritability, agitation, and the fight/flight response.
Overstimulation is the sensitivity to certain textures, fabrics, clothing tags and other things that may rub against the skin. This may lead to being unable to hear or focus over background sounds, the dislike of certain foods, flavours, textures and the urge to cover ears or shield eyes from too many stimuli.
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