Time to Talk Day Thursday 4th February

04 February 2021

The Power of Small

Today is Time to Talk Day and the theme is 'The Power of Small' - a small conversation about mental health has the power to make a big difference.

You may have heard of Time to Change, a movement that is working to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems.  Time to Talk Day encourages us to have conversations, however small, around mental health to help break down barriers and change attitudes and behaviours.

Although Covid-19 means that we can't get together face to face the Time to Change website has a Virtual Festival taking place where you can listen to stories, join in laughter yoga, a cookery class and Bollywood dancing - through the power of the internet!  Click on the link here  

This year it's even more important to reach out to others and have those conversations, getting people talking about mental health and acknowledging the impact that the pandemic and lockdown is having.


If you feel your mental health has been impacted by the negative economic effects of Covid-19, Cygnus has a free helpline and an online mental health tool (Silvercloud).

The dedicated helpline is where you can speak to a counsellor who will be able to offer you immediate help over the phone, assess your needs and refer or signpost you to the most suitable support.

The telephone helpline number is 0808 3933 and is open:

Monday 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 1pm – 5pm

Wednesday 3pm – 7pm

Thursday 1pm – 5pm

Friday 10am – 2pm 

For further information contact our North of Tyne team:

 Andrea – 07934712310 andreamason@cygnussupport.com

Charlie – 07934712328 charliecallendar@cygnussupport.com

Lucy – 07513642377 or lucytaylor@cygnussupport.com