Mortal Fools Youth Theatre presents: The Bigger Picture

03 October 2023
Mortal Fools Youth Theatre presents: The Bigger Picture
Mortal Fools Youth Theatre invite you to listen, learn, and laugh with them by watching the films. And for youth workers, theatre practitioners, parents, and carers – there is a short resource pack available to download, so you can explore the themes with your young people in your settings.
The Bigger Picture film shorts are available to watch now; the voices of 75 young people from Northumberland and the North East come together in a collection of short films, co-created by Mortal Fools Youth Theatre with Fly Girl Films and Mortal Fools’ associate artists.
Across poignant and purposeful film shorts, see the world through Mortal Fools Youth Theatre’s eyes and feel what it’s like to grow up today. Their realities, lived experiences, inner worlds, and fantastical dreams - interwoven with the positive changes they want to make in the world, and the hope that we can all be kinder to one another. And have more FUN in our lives!
There are 6 films in total which you can watch here.