Happiness at Work Week 2022

19 September 2022
Today marks the start of International Week of Happiness at Work. There has been a proven link with happiness and productivity. Happier employees are more involved, more productive, more cooperative, more creative, and more innovative. They are less likely to call in sick and there is a decreased chance they will experience a burnout.
Happiness at work should consistently be a priority; not just during the International Week of Happiness at Work! International Week of Happiness at Work is an ideal time for organisations to review current wellbeing policies and check in with staff to find out how they are feeling.
Why not consider some of the suggestions below in order to help improve yours, or your employees, mental wellbeing at work?
  1. 'Pimp up' your workspace. Either at your home work station or desk in the office, adorn it with something that makes you smile for example: fresh flowers, scented candle/oil diffuser, photograph, cuddly toy/keepsake, fairy lights or even your pet - lets see photos!
  2. Send gratitude cards or email to a work colleague who has added sparkle to your day. Say thank you to a team mate who has helped you out that day, listened to you, made you the best cuppa or just made you smile. I've put a couple of packs of cards next to the sign in sheet in the office if anyone wants to use those.
  3. Everyone loves food, especially the naughty stuff. So forget those diets for one week and spread some calorific joy amongst your colleagues. If in the office, bring something nice in to share, if at home, treat yourself to your favorite chocolate bar or a large slice of cake - take a photo to email to the team, so we can all enjoy with you!
  4. Making someone else happy automatically makes you feel good yourself. So spread a little bit of kindness where ever you go over the next few weeks. This could be helping a colleague with a task - many hands make light work, 2 heads are better than one! You could leave a little random act of kindness on someone's desk, a flower, interesting stone/shell, sweetie, feather or some magic fairy dust!
  5. And finally and most importantly be kind to yourself - step outside, feel the sun or wind on your face and breath....
Some other possible ways to promote wellness in the workplace, particularly if you are in charge of the workplace, are listed below:
  • Show appreciation
  • Engage regularly in conversations
  • Prioritise work-life balance
  • Flexible working
  • Allow staff voices to be heard
  • Introduce activities to boost happiness and wellbeing
Finally, the picture attached above is a list of questions that you can ask yourself in order to think about what makes you happy. Many of these could easily be implemented into your daily work schedule in order to improve your happiness.
Remember, this challenge can be considered all year around, not just during this week. Feel free to let us know of anything you or your organisation are doing to celebrate this week!