17 January 2023
Findaway is a project recognises that families, friends and community members are usually the first to know, and best place to support, if someone is being controlled, scared or hurt by someone they love.
The Findaway project fills a current gap in the response to domestic abuse. It is not aimed at victims or perpetrators as there are already services in place providing that support – instead it is aimed at those informal networks who are close to the victim or the person who is causing the harm. Findaway therefore wants to equip families, friends and communities with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively support the people they care about.
Currently, you can request a callback via the Findaway website but as part of this new service there will be a Findaway phoneline that will be staffed by trained advocates, for people worried about someone else.
The service is open to anyone from Tyne and Wear and Northumberland and resources and training are in development. Further information can be found by visiting their website.
Findaway also needs your help!
They are gathering info on the current support available for families and friends worried about someone else and they’d really appreciate your help in reaching as many people as possible.
They want to hear from you if you've ever been worried about someone else's relationship, or have supported someone you care about to cope with a controlling or dangerous relationship.
The answers will help them to create resources and improve pathways for others who are worried about someone they care about.