Bi-Visibility Day 23 September 2020

23 September 2020

Cygnus Support celebrates Bi-Visibility Day

23 September 2020

Today is Bi-Visibility Day, which recognises and celebrates bisexual history, community and culture, raises Bi awareness and challenges bisexual & biromantic erasure.  Cygnus Support staff are wearing purple to show their support for Bi-Visibility and our CEO Siobhan even has a flag!

The Bi-Visibility website here has information showing the various events going on throughout the world and if you scroll down there’s information about UK wide and online events, e-magazines (and the launch of a new one called Larker) and Facebook events.  The Facebook event asks you to support by adding your attendance, inviting friends and spreading awareness through getting more people talking about bisexuality, bi-erasure and biphobia, click here for their Facebook page. 

If you wish to show support for Bi-Visibility Day please wear purple today.