Amanda Sayers

Amanda joined us in March 2018 initially as the Bridge Project Coordinator at Cygnus. Back in November 2021, she became the Trailblazer Coordinator/Trainer at Cygnus.

This project is part of the wider Be You Northumberland collaboration, and Amanda’s role is to support the mental health and wellbeing of parents and carers through engagement and delivering support in one to one, groups and workshops, to improve the confidence and resilience of parents and carers and equip them with a toolkit of coping strategies, resources and information. This is so that they can feel empowered to help their own and their children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, and know where to find additional support if they need it.

Amanda is a wellbeing coach and adult trainer, having worked in the voluntary sector over 20 years. Originally from outside the area Amanda loves living in Northumberland, the friendliness of the people and it’s beautiful countryside and coastline.