Cygnus Team

Meet the Team



We are a friendly and committed group who are all passionate about empowering people to thrive and enjoy good mental health and wellbeing. 



Andy Watmough - Chief Executive Officer

Lorraine Burley - Counselling Manager



Lynne O'Reilly - Administrator

Amanda Sayers - Be You Coordinator/Trainer

James Gaff - Communications

Joanne Hogg - Volunteer Coordinator

Andrea Mason - DA/SV Counsellor

Carly Peggie - DA/SV Counsellor

Elspeth Gilliland - DA/SV Counsellor

Gemma Graham - MoJ Counsellor




Jane Howell - Young Person's Counsellor

Lydia Brooks - School Counsellor

Andrea Alder - Bereavement Coordinator

Stuart Clark - Bereavement Counsellor/YP Mentor

Jane Mcgee - CLW Team Lead

Carly Johnstone - Community Link Worker

Christine Eastlake - Community Link Worker

Linda Child - Community Link Worker




Jeff Watson - Community Link Worker

Justine Bowey - Community Link Worker





We also currently have a large team of volunteers with us. Each provide a range of services and offer a variety of different experiences depending on your personal needs.


Our volunteers play a crucial role in the work that we do at Cygnus, some of which would not be possible without them. We are incredibly grateful for their services and support.


We are always looking out for more volunteers! If you would like to get involved, please click the link below: